The Old Yellers create thoughtful, rollicking, good-time music.

“The Yellers dial up a hotline to the heart of the common man”

With their unique blend of Country, Rock & Roll, and well crafted ballads, The Yellers original songwriting creates down home music at its finest. Their rollicking roadhouse style has moved fans from Portland, Oregon to Dublin, Ireland to raise their glasses in triumph, open their hearts in connection, and laugh out loud in joyous revelry.

“The Yellers–who alternate between the modifiers “Old” and “Auld”–are relative “newbies,” having formed in 2003. But their deft Americana is at least four decades old, recalling the boogie of Canned Heat, the sweet melodicism of The Band, and the nimble guitar work of the Grateful Dead.”

—Matthew Singer, Willamette Week, January 2009