Al’s Den Tonite

Hello folks, Head Yeller here, hoping you are keeping it cool wherever you are, here in portland, like much of the western and southern united states, despite our firm belief global warming is a bunch of hippie pipe smoke, it is the hottest june on record, only beating out the last three, but alas, i digress, this is really to announce our show tonite, in the cool, basement of the famous Crystal Hotel where we will be playing in the infamous Al’s Den, named after one of portlands mobsters or so i hear. We are joining our friends from Steelhead who have a week long residency. The show starts at 7pm, its free and we will be going on at 8pm to play a nice long set. come enjoy the cool air, the cooler music and see the yellers one last time before we head out to europe on tuesday to play some shows.

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